Soak your day away

Relax in your very own bathroom sanctuary with our range of traditional and modern bathtubs with unique designs and bathing styles.  Whether you are looking to create a centrepiece with our free standing baths or simply maximising your space with a small bathtub, we have something fabulous to suit everyone.

Napoli Bathtub
Barcelona Anthracite Bathtub
Amiata Bosa Bathtub
Cheshire Bathtub
Amalfi Bathtub
Barcelona Bath Tub
Marlborough Bath Tub
Drayton Bath Tub
Toulouse Tombolo Bathtub

Versatile have an extensive range of baths varying from inset to freestanding in traditional to contemporary finishes. We pride ourselves in supplying the highest quality and design when it comes all our products. We supply and display in our showroom, bath’s in a range of material finishes such as stone, volcanic limestone, cast iron, copper, steel and acrylic ensuring practicality and comfort for you bathing.


Freestanding Baths


Our freestanding baths create an excellent centrepiece in any bathroom and come in all shapes and sizes to suit every bathing style, including a roll top bath, slipper baths and a rimless bath. Many of our bathtubs can be painted to complement your colour scheme or to stand out as your centrepiece.

Wellness at home


Other bathing options include whirlpool, creating reviving massages with combining water jets, air and underwater coloured lighting to lift your feeling of wellbeing.

We definitely have a bath to suite your individual needs, whether it is a rejuvenating soak for a weary body or to relax with a good book.