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The Hygienic Solution 

Our range of CONTI+ touch free products help to protect and maintain the health and hygiene of sanitary rooms in hospitals, care homes, and other buildings where large numbers of people come together.


  • Hygienic and reliable, touch-free operation

  • 12 / 24 hour interval can be activated, fully automatic hygiene flushing

  • Germ-inhibiting materials

  • Water flows consistently

  • Water flows only when it is needed.

  • The touch-free operation saves up to 70% water

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CONTI+ Ultra
The Smart Solution

With its touch-free operation, CONTI+ ultra saves up to 70 % water since water only flows when it's needed. This also decreases the amount of energy used to heat the water.

The optional solar module or turbine (built into the faucet) generates sufficient energy to extend battery life by up to eight years, helping the owner of the facility save on the cost of both water and energy.

High grade materials result in long term, trouble-free operation while lead-free components ensure consistent water quality.

Join our on-demand webinar 'Improve Hygiene and Save Water with Touch-Free Sensor Taps & Showers', where our Commercial Sanitary Ware specialist, Mike Kelly, will take you through the modular design options available, the easy maintenance and water management system, the water & energy savings and lots more. Register here. ​

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