3D + 4D Design now 50% OFF in November!

Step into your dream bathroom through our Design Visualisation service - now half price!

3D Design Visualisation, Ireland

Imagining how the bathroom suites and tiles you love would look (and function) in your own home can be the hardest part of building or renovating your bathroom. Don't worry, our talented team of interior designers are here to help you visualise your new bathroom, ensuite or downstairs loo with our professional 3D + 4D Design visualisation service - now 50% OFF!

Our design team will work with your style preferences, room plans / layouts and budget in mind and create a virtual design for you to 'try on', which allows you to visualise the design concept and to iron out any queries or niggles you might have - so that you can be confident in your design choices and avoid any future regret.

Of course, if you don't even know where to begin or cannot face trawling through thousands of choices in tile, fixtures and fittings - then this design visualisation service is ideal for you!

With the challenges and uncertainty of the current times we're in, our team will work with you to remove the stress of design planning and visualisation, either in-store (safely) or remotely through our remote 3D design consultations.  

We've listened to our customers' needs and are now delighted to offer remote (video/online) 3D design consultations Monday to Saturday from 7am-8pm to give you plenty of options to choose from when it's most convenient for you. Check out the available time options here.

4D Design

We're also excited to launch our 4D Design visualisation service, which offers you a 360-degree panoramic view of your bathroom. Step inside your dream bathroom and 'test drive' the look, feel and space with our professional 4D design visualisation planner. 

The 4D virtual experience is a powerful technology-led customer experience that places you at centre stage in your new bathroom. The futuristic, simulating headset with 110-degree viewing angles places you directly in your new bathroom, rather than being on the outside looking in through a screen.

The response to eye movement is immediate, facilitating 360-degree head-tracking and interaction with moving elements of the room, allowing you to explore every aspect of it including opening cupboards, looking inside drawers and stepping into showers! Ask our design experts for more information on 4D Design visualisation. Note: due to the requirement to wear the headset (goggles), your physical presence is required at our Showroom in Navan to avail of this virtual design experience so you can avail of the November half price promotion for a 4D design experience by booking now for December (Covid19 restrictions permitting). 

November Promotion

For the month of November 2020, enjoy 50% OFF all our 3D + 4D Design visualisations Discover here!

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