Create your own spa-style bathroom

With life becoming increasingly busy and more time being spent at home, our Wellness Experts have put together the best spa ideas and individual spa elements to create a luxurious spa-style sanctuary for you to escape the stresses of modern day living from the comfort of your own home.


Plants have a unique way of making a room feel more inviting and sophisticated, and the bathroom is no exception. Make like you're in a private spa at a tropical resort and bring some leafy greens into your bathroom. Try switching things up between plant size and type for variation. If natural light isn't something your bathroom is blessed with, some faux greenery will do the job too.


Despite wanting our bathrooms to be places of refuge, all too often we flood them with cold and harsh lighting. The power of lighting to be able to create a calming atmosphere should never be underestimated and for the most instantaneous way to up the zen ante while you're soaking in the tub or simply doing your nighttime skincare routine, dot some candles around the space and switch off the main overhead light. 


You might have more products than you could ever possibly use (we’ve been there too!), but keep things organised and out of sight by installing some great storage solutions in your bathroom. Wall-hung cabinets give the illusion of more space whilst keeping your bits and bobs neatly tucked away, but whatever you choose, make sure you opt for quality, water-resistant materials. 


Simply adding individual elements to your shower can provide specific solutions to relax or revitalise. Opting for a Kneipp affusion pipe, for instance, allows you to treat your legs, arms & face, providing benefits including firming the skin and encouraging sleep. Adding a water curve massage jet provides a harmonising neck and shoulder massage, with the impact of Aquapressure helping to ease tenseness in muscles. Or treat the senses with a shower experience that includes built-in modes such as rain, mist, mood light and fragrances.


For the complete wellness experience, enjoy the restorative power of water with a steam bath that uses the latest smart technology. The Effe Touch & Steam is a stylish compact professional steam generator – suitable for any shower or Hammam. An elegant panel of silk-screened tempered glass conceals state-of-the-art technology providing perfect steam bath functions including steam generation, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, music and touch-screen backlit icons.


Just because the flooring in your bathroom needs to meet certain practical standards doesn't mean that it should be purely functional. From muted textured tiles to ones that are bold and bright, what you choose to put on the floor (and the walls) can elevate the space with a considered sense of sophisticated. Versatile offers a diverse range of tiling options, including glass, metal, marble, mosaic and the on-trend subway tiles. 

Speak to our Wellness Experts and discover how the innovative spa elements can enhance your wellbeing, call us on +353 (0)46902944 or email

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