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How to bring the inside out and the outside in?

Outdoor Tiles
Patio tiles

We’ve all been so careful. We’ve walked in the parks with coffee and family. We’ve become accustomed to sitting outside for a drink and a catch up with a friend, whatever the weather. Ireland has embraced its unpredictable climate in favour of safety, and as the restrictions slowly lift we’re all looking at ways to spend time outside safely with the people we love.

As the temperatures slowly rise week by week, we are looking at our gardens, our patios, our kitchens and our dining rooms and we are scheming. We want to make our outside spaces more ‘insidey’ to blur the boundaries between inside and outside, to have capacity to entertain, chill out, and enjoy ourselves outside, whatever the weather. Bringing the inside out has the effect of making floors seem larger than usual, the natural light connects you to your surroundings and your spaces are filled with nature.

Top Tip: If you are renovating, extending or building from scratch, make sure you consider bringing the inside out at the design stage of your project.

So here are some suggestions from the Versatile designers:

1. Sliding walls, bifold doors and decks all have the effect of connecting your interior to your exterior.

Garden Tiles

Featured: Inside - Bluetech Vintage Charbon 60x60cm. Outside - Bluetech Vintage Charbon Out - 60x60cm

2. A sunroom or conservatory is a traditional way of connecting a home with its garden.

Outdoor Tiles

Featured: Instinto - Taupe - 50x100cm

3. Adding a veranda - which offers a covered space but is open to the elements on one or more sides - is another way of creating continuation.

Outdoor Dining

Featured: Altea - Puerto - natural 59.2x59.2cm

4. Adding a skylight or roof lantern maximises natural light from above.

Patio Tiles

Featured: Equinox - Grey - Solid - Terraza

5. Avoid the physical barrier of steps between the house and garden and instead consider a level threshold as a classic way to segue between inside and out.

Top tip: Where there is an existing height difference between the indoor and outdoor area, the outdoor tiles can be fitted on a platform system which will result in level flooring from out to in.

Outdoor Tiles
Indoor Tiles

Featured: Blue Emotion - Flamme - Grey - Out - 60x60cm

6. Not everyone has the gift of a generous garden, choosing a similar palette of materials in the garden to those on show in the house makes the external landscaping feel integral to the interiors - and not an afterthought.

Mosaic Tiles
Garden Furnishings

Featured: North - Patchwork - 50x100cm

7. Where garden views are limited, including an internal courtyard in the layout of a home can provide natural light to otherwise dark rooms.

Internal Courtyard

Featured: Inside - Fornace Avorio - 60x60cm. Outside - Fornace Zafferano 60x60cm

8. Build maintenance free, non-slip decking with tiles as an alternative to timber - these tiles can be a continuation of your interior.

Non Slip
Decking Tiles

Featured: Amb Plant Ash 60x60cm 40x120cm

9. Building an outdoor seating area using tiles that extends your kitchen or dining space.

Outdoor Seating

Featured: Cemento - 80x80cm

Porcelain tiles effortlessly meet your needs when it comes to blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living.⁣ Specifically designed for outdoor use with outstanding technical characteristics, tiles are available in wood, stone, marble, metal and concrete finishes. ⁣Get in touch with the Versatile team in the showroom or Dan at dan@versatile.ie for more of these ideas and information about indoor and outdoor tiles that will help you safely entertain and relax, whatever the weather!

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