Touch-Free Sensor Taps for your Home

Over the last 20 years our lives have been transformed, almost beyond recognition, by technology with smarter phones, smarter TV’s and even smarter appliances, so why not smarter taps? Versatile's range of Conti+ touch-free sensor taps are the smart solution for saving money and energy in a simple but smart way.

Touch-free sensor taps are suitable for everyone in the family but especially for anyone that suffers from limited motor skills or arthritis. In this case, the function of operating the tap suddenly becomes simple, just by placing your hands under the spout. The Conti Ultra range, for example, will provide optimum performance with reliably simple temperature control.

Water saving benefits

Like most things in life, small changes can have a big impact. On average we each use 5 litres a day on hand washing. With the addition of sensor control faucets, which use up to 70% less water, water usage through hand washing could be reduced to 1.5 litres a day.

How easily can they be fitted

The Conti+ range of sensor taps for the home are all extremely easy to install, no special skills are required other than connecting a hot and cold water supply. The Ultra range from Conti+ also has built in technology that learns its own environment and self-commissions when turned on. A retro fit to remove and replace existing traditional taps can be completed in a very short time. In fact, once the Ultra tap is installed even a non-trained person can maintain this tap with its above basin isolation feature.

Do I need to have an electrical supply in my bathroom?

No requirement for mains is necessary as the Ultra range is supplied as a battery version with an extraordinary 4 year life expectancy on the batteries due to its unique and patented technology (based on a user turning the tap on up to 150 times a day).Alternatively, Conti+ have solar and turbine versions to provide sustainability and ecological advantages, with power solutions which will last up to 8 years without the need for changing batteries.

How long will I have to wait for my touch-free sensor taps?

Versatile have stock of Ultra GM10 Mains model and Umaxx Battery and Umaxx Mains models, so these are available to ship out to you immediately!

Speak with our Sanitary Ware specialists about installing touch-free sensor taps in your home at +353 (0)46902944 or

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