How to Transform your Shower into a Steam Room

In 4 easy steps

Just close the door and leave all the worries, daily grind and problems of the outside world behind you and enter your very own steam room also known as a Hammam. The age-old treatment with Moroccan origins has been used for centuries to release muscular tension, relax the mind and produce endorphins, contributing to all round physical and mental well-being.

The high temperature and humidity in the steam room provoke sweating which in turn flushes out uric acid and toxins, improving the filtering action of the kidneys, favouring hydration of the prime respiratory tracts and making the skin more elastic and glowing whilst the high humidity and heavy sweating stimulate cellular turnover.

Sounds just like what you need? Follow our 4-step guide to transform your shower into a steam room.

1. Measure your Available Space

Any space can be transformed into a steam room, just follow a few instructions for insulating walls and doors. It is very important to measure the volume that will play host to the steam room so as to ensure the right steam generator is selected, based on its power. We recommend that the height does not exceed 210/230 cm. A greater height is not used because steam and heat tend to rise and it wastes energy.

2. Choose your Steam Generator

Steam generators can be placed inside or outside the steam cubicle. You can base your choice on the available volume and also on your design preferences: Versatile's Effe Steam Generators, Touch + Steam (suitable for large spaces), and the Nuvola Steam Generator are stylish and easily adaptable to your own interior décor.

3. Add the Insulation Kit and Choose a Steam Room Door

To create the ideal steam room we recommend perfect insulation of the cubicle to avoid heat dispersion thus preventing energy waste. Versatile's range of Effe doors provide an efficient steam seal and correct air inflow and exchange.

4. Complete with Furniture and Accessories

We'll help you personalise your shower steam room with a set of handy accessories: benches, seats, water springs, colour therapy and the Effe Sound System for listening to music inside the cubicle.

Now, all that's left is to take a deep breath and allow the steam to lift your mood and rid your body of stress and tension.

Speak to our Wellness Experts about transforming your shower into a steam room, call us on +353 (0)46902944 or email

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