Conti+ Ultra GM10 Sensor Tap

Reduce the spread of germs and save up to 70% water!


The Conti+ Ultra GM10 Sensor Tap With UK Mains Plug.


The water saving, sustainable Ultra lavatory faucet GM10, PUBLIC, IR-sensor, temp. mixing


Touchless, electronically controlled lavatory faucet includes:
· Modular single-piece design without separate installation box, sturdy metal housing, chromed
· Dual infrared sensors (with automatic setting feature), microprocessor
· Reliable solenoid valve ROBUST (minimal level of water pressure surge)
· Vandal-resistant aerator (replaceable with integrated tool)

· Hot and cold water supply connection with flexible high-pressure hoses
· Check valves and built-in filters
· Temperature adjustable or fixable (vandal-resistant construction)
· Adjustable hot water limitation (mechanically)
· TwistStop: integrated automatic shut-off for facilitate replacing or cleaning the filter (no shut-off to angle valves required)
· One Tool Service / all system parts accessible from above
· Automatic energy saving function (solar)
· 12 or 24-hour hygienic flush activatable with Touch
· Integrated battery unit
· Compatible with CNX and Service Monitor: control of stored operational data, settings and control functions

Conti+ Ultra GM10 Sensor Tap

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