Anti-bacterial Tiles

We are proud to offer a new unique Active (ISO certified) tile finish in partnership with our Italian supplier, Iris. This application reacts in a similar process to photocatalysis. It is a final application to the wall and floor tile in the manufacturing process which contains titanium dioxide and silver.


The key benefits of this innovative range include:

  • Anti-bacterial: Eliminates 99.99% of the bacteria we come into contact with, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria (MRSA)

  • Anti-pollution: Assists in purifying the air

  • Self-cleaning: Easy clean with water and a mild detergent - no aggressive detergents required

  • Anti-odour: Improves air quality by removing toxic pollutants and odours

  • buildings.

Due to their permanent beneficial action, which improves health and hygiene, Active tiles are recommended in all environments where high standards of cleanliness, health and hygiene are an important or fundamental requirement, such as clinics, laboratories, hospitals, and schools, as well as wellness areas, hotels and restaurants, gyms, offices and private dwellings.

Available in 4 finishes.