Monolith Plus

The Geberit Monolith Plus sanitary module for WCs is truly multi-talented. The integrated odour extraction unit, intelligent sensor technology and an especially convenient flush actuation are only three of its many virtues.

- Sensor-controlled switch-on function via soft-touch button
- Integrated odour extraction unit
- Discreet LED lighting
- Quiet fan for air cleaning


  • Comfortlight - The LED lighting in seven different colours switches itself on automatically when someone approaches the Geberit Monolith Plus sanitary module

  • Soft-Touch Actuation - The soft-touch flush actuation requires only a gentle touch to actuate the dual flush

  • Ceramic Honeycomb Filter - Nowadays, no one really has to put up with unpleasant odours in the WC area anymore. Odour extraction is based on ceramic honeycomb filter technology – an exceptionally efficient method of odour elimination

  • Brightness Sensor - The brightness sensor for day/night detection can be switched on or off manually. It automatically activates the ComfortLight when it is dark

  • Quiet Fan - The extremely quiet fan ensures efficient odour extraction directly in the WC ceramic appliance and is displayed as a pulsing light

  • Easy Installation - If a mains connection is available, the Geberit Monolith Plus sanitary module is a breeze to install. It is also exceptionally easy to service, as all of the components are easily accessible.



Front Covers Black, White, Sand, Umber