TOTO Washlet GL 2.0

The WASHLET™ GL 2.0 can be combined with the TOTO MH toilet (CW162YH). The WASHLET™ GL 2.0 features all TOTO comfort technologies, including the adjustable warm water spray, temperature control, different types of sprays,a heated seat, a DEODORIZER, and a drying function. Two users can save preferred settings and activate them at the touch of a button using the remote control. The toilet bowl is sprayed with water before use, which makes it more difficult for dirt and waste to accumulate. When not used for extended periods of time, the WASHLET™ GL 2.0 automatically switches to energy-saving mode.


  • Warm Water Nozzle - An individually adjustable wand system with self-cleaning function

  • Heated Seat - Individually adjustable temperature

  • Deodoriser - Filter system to absorb odours

  • Dryer - Warm jet of air

  • Premist - Mist of water sprayed onto the ceramic before the toilet is used. Makes it more difficult for dirt and waste to accumulat.


390 x 523 x 188 mm