TOTO Washlet Neorest EW 2.0

NEOREST EW and NEOREST AC have an identical design. The only difference is that the EW model is not equipped with the self-cleaning ACTILIGHT technology.

Otherwise, it includes the same added features and offers its users the ultimate in comfort and hygiene. The electrolysed water with cleansing effect properties keeps the toilet bowl of the NEOREST EW cleaner for a far longer time than conventional toilets.


  • EWATER+: nozzle and toilet cleaning with electrolysed water

  • Sensor-controlled lid which automatically opens and closes

  • Automatic flush

  • Seated seat

  • Dryer with adjustable temperature

  • Air-cleaning filter

  • Individually adjustable (position, water temperature and pressure), self-cleaning wand jet system for intimate cleansing

  • PREMIST: mist on the ceramic surface makes it difficult for dirt to accumulate

  • Continuous-flow hot water heater for unlimited warm water cleansing

  • Memory function for two people

  • Energy-saving mode which can be set to three, six or nine hours

  • Registers user habits and switches automatically to energy-saving mode

  • Hidden water and power connections


423 x 675 x 119 mm