TOTO Washlet RW

WASHLET™ RW is the Prime Edition of TOTO and has more to offer than just its slim profile: It is equipped with many of TOTO's well-known hygiene features, and even includes a new one. What's new: a seamless, easier-to-clean seat ring. It's also possible to easily remove WASHLET™ from the toilet bowl for thorough cleaning. Another innovation in this model is the use of a silicone-based material for WASHLET™ itself, which makes it more difficult for dirt to accumulate (so-called “Clean Case”).
Of course, WASHLET™ RW comes equipped with all of the characteristic hygiene and comfort features: warm water spray, heated seat, odour-absorbing DEODORIZER and dryer. In addition, the EWATER+ feature cleans WASHLET™ wand jet and the toilet bowl with electrolysed water after use.


  • EWATER+: nozzle and toilet cleaning with electrolysed water

  • Heated seat

  • Air-cleaning filter

  • Heat-regulated dryer

  • Individually regulated wand jet system for washing the intimate body parts (water temperature, water pressure and position are easy to control using a remote control); self-cleaning

  • PREMIST: water mist onto the ceramic makes it more difficult for dirt and waste to accumulate

  • Continuous flow water heater for unlimited cleansing

  • Decalcification with decalcifying programme AND detachable nozzle

  • Sensor-activated lid

  • Nightlight

  • Clean case: WASHLET™ unit made from a silicone-based alloy

  • Seamless toilet seat

  • Two user profile settings

  • WASHLET™ recognises user habits and switches to power save mode accordingly


391 x 579 x 108