TOTO Washlet SG

The SG WASHLET offers all the features available in all other TOTO WASHLETs. In addition to the characteristic warm water spray, the WASHLET has a heated seat, an odour-absorbing deodoriser, dryer, and the new ewater+ function. The WASHLET sprays the toilet bowl with electrolysed water. This antibacterial water prevents waste from accumulating. Electrolysed water is absolutely environmentally friendly and can be returned back to the water cycle.


  • Warm Water Nozzle - An individually adjustable wand system with self-cleaning function

  • Heated Seat - Individually adjustable temperature

  • Deodoriser - Filter system to absorb odours

  • Dryer - Warm jet of air

  • EWater - Electrolysed antibacterial water that breaks down waste

  • Autofunctions - Technologies activated by human movement

  • Premist - Mist of water sprayed onto the ceramic before the toilet is used. Makes it more difficult for dirt and waste to accumulat.


390 x 575 x 132 mm