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As life becomes increasingly busy, we continue to look for new ways to relax and de-stress. Versatile's range of spa innovations are creating a new wave of wellness at home.


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Imagine enjoying the bliss and benefits of a spa experience in your own home at the end of a long day. The Wellness experts at Versatile Bathrooms + Tiles will help transform your bathroom into a beautiful home spa tailored
just for you.


Whatever your space or budget requirements, your options are plentiful from a full sauna-hammam system that embodies minimalist design, to a state-of-the-art Touch & Steam system that provides the restorative power of water using the latest technology. The Effe Touch & Steam is a stylish Compact professional steam generator – suitable for any shower or Hammam. An elegant panel of silk-screened tempered glass conceals state-of-the-art technology providing perfect steam bath functions including steam generation, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, music and touch-screen backlit icons.

Or simply increase your at-home luxury by adding individual spa elements to your shower, such as a Kneipp affusion pipe to treat your face, arms or legs or water curve massage jet to enjoy a neck or shoulder massage. Effe Touch & Steam Facial Affusion firms the skin, Aquapressure helps to ease away tensions.

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Facial Affusion

Kneipp Therapy 

Kneipp therapy is a holistic approach to health and wellness that involves treating the body, mind and soul through hot and cold water through affusions, also known as Kneipping.

Kneipp treatments are designed to strengthen the body’s natural defences as well as the cardiovascular system. Kneipp water therapy also boosts the metabolism, enhances the health of the skin, and leads to a balanced autonomic nervous system.

Dornbracht Aquapressure


Aquapressure therapy combines two widely used therapies, acupressure and massage, with the healing power of water to restore your mind, body, and soul. 

When pressure is exerted on the meridians and pressure points as well as soft tissues of the body using aquapressure therapy, it can lead to increased blood in the skin and muscles,  ease away blockages and tension and can also have a positive effect on the psyche  problems like anxiety or insomnia.


The concept of happiness is more closely aligned with well-being and in turn, well-being is more closely associated with health.  We have a number of spa products that combine various shower health benefits and function as personal retreats - creating moments of happiness and bliss.

Tension is relieved, everyday stress is washed away and the body and mind experience are revitalised. 



Steam has beneficial effects on your body and mind keeping stress at bay. The first action of the heat is that it dilates the blood vessels which immediately improves the circulation, producing a positive toning effect. The pores in the skin also dilate making possible deep cleansing of the skin and thorough purification, all of which translates into softer, more elastic skin with a great glow. Alongside cell renewal the steam has a soothing effect on skin problems, reducing acne and dermatitis.

Effe Home Sauna


The sauna has extraordinary relaxing and detoxing properties, with positive influences on both body and mind. There is no more effective way of banishing nervous tension and soothing anxiety because the sauna stimulates the natural process of restoring physical and mental balance.

The skin is purified as sweating eliminates acids and toxins. The autonomic nervous system is
stimulated, improving overall metabolism. The deep cleansing action leaves your skin looking clear and glowing.


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