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Body Love

The modular system combining sauna, Turkish bath and shower.

A real personal spa designed for versatility and style.


Let yourself go, enjoy one of the world’s most ancient rituals. Infinite sensory and aesthetic experiences come together in the bodylove sauna and hammam


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Body Love Sauna  + Hamman

Functional, stylish, luxurious, a Rodolfo Dordoni design that engages all the senses. You can personalise your spa just as you want it.


Whether in a public or private space, BodyLove makes this possible with a modular system that can put together a sauna, Turkish bath, shower and relaxation area, with up-to-the-minute features and tailor-made materials.

In the Sauna+Hammam BodyLove version a number of options is available for positioning and orienting the access doors to the two spaces.

Such luxurious materials as ceramics and grès porcelain stimulate perception of the spa space as an environment that blends perfectly with its surroundings, rather than just an unsightly high-tech add-on.

BodyLove offers the opportunity for complete personalisation including the choice of materials.

Saunas and Hammams are subject to immense thermal stress
and therefore the materials used in their construction are a determining quality factor.


BodyLove is made from materials that are not only extremely heat resistant but also teamed in perfect harmony, both tactile and visual, the fruit of in-depth research into the perfect combinations.

BodyLove guarantees steam quality that is unrivalled for its
density, temperature and hygiene. The Hammam is fitted with the Nuvola Smart Power steam generator, the most high-tech system on
the market.


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