Touch + Steam 
Complete Wellness Set 

Water is health, even when it is a cloud of steam that envelops the body. Seated on marble or natural stone, enveloped in a light mist, you inhale warm steam that helps clear your lungs, your perspiration flushes out toxins and you are detached from your surroundings as you listen to your body.

Steam is the ideal antidote to all those tensions that build up over the working day,

banishing every kind of stress. 

Touch + Steam is a stylish, lightweight professional-standard steam generator that can be fitted to any shower

or Hammam environment complete with colour and aroma therapy.


The Touch + Steam boiler has a washing cycle that removes all impurities from the water to ensure the steam is pure, light and healthy to breathe. Only when steam is pure does it feel so good on our body: our skin absorbs the warm water vapour, becoming softer and regenerated.

Dense, pure and evenly distributed steam in heat: this is what makes a Hammam such a unique and unforgettable experience. Only our range of Effe steam generators can guarantee perfect steam over time, thanks to sophisticated technologies developed in-house over the years.


  • Improves circulation

  • Decongestant of the nose and chest 

  • Aromotherapy diffuser - add essential oils 

  • Promotes relaxing and detoxing properties

  • Remote management from a tablet or smartphone

  • Skin is purified as sweating eliminates acids and toxins

  • Sound system to listen to music inside the Hammam

  • Chromotherapy lighting - a choice of harmonious colours 

  • The autonomic nervous system is stimulated, improving overall metabolism

  • Stimulates the natural process of restoring physical and mental balance

  •  Regular use of the sauna teamed with a healthy diet, reduces cellulite and makes the body tissues more elastic


Touch + Steam 
Wellness Set

The Touch + Steam Complete Wellness set includes: 

  • Touch + Steam internal steam generator with counterbox

  • Steam room bench 1m rectangular - ready for lights

  • Recessed shower door and frame 

  • Kerdi walls/ceiling with all necessary fixings

  • Floor drain with trap

  • Tanking kit for floor, 10m

  • Dornbracht Rain shower with wall fixing, chrome

  • Dornbracht Kneipp affusion pipe, chrome, with concealed wall mounted rough-ins

  • Dornbracht Water curve body spray, chrome, with concealed wall mounted rough-ins

  • Dornbracht Water fan vertical, chrome, with wall installation unit

  • Dornbracht Symetrics concealed thermostatic valve, chrome, with wall valves exposed trim parts symetrics, chrome

  • Xtool thermostatic ModConc parts-3 valve 3/4"

Book a consultation with our Wellness Experts and discover how the innovative Touch + Steam Complete Wellness Set can enhance your wellbeing. ​

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*Indicative images, some elements in set may differ

Effe Touch and Steam